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Where can we apply for Project Bundle-Up?

Project Bundle-Up applications must be taken in person at your local Salvation Army office. Find your local Salvation Army office by visiting and entering your residential zip code or you can email us at

We advise that you call the Salvation Army office and speak to the case worker. They will let you know what you need to bring with you when you apply and you can ask about scheduling a time to come in and complete the application with them.

How long does the program last? Are applications accepted throughout the year?

Applications are taken at Western PA Salvation Army locations beginning September 1st. The Salvation Army will continue taking applications until funds are no longer available.

If we have qualified for Project Bundle-Up, how do we receive our winter outerwear?

Those that qualify for Bundle-Up are given the opportunity to select brand new winter outerwear and are either issued a voucher to shop on their own or will be selected to attend a personal shopping trip at one of our participating local retailers.

What do we do if we need winter outerwear but Project Bundle-Up assistance is no longer available?

Some Salvation Army locations collect clothing donations or keep a coat closet. You can ask them if they may have a donated coat to offer. We also suggest that you ask the Salvation Army about other social services programs available that could benefit you.

I’d like to make a clothing donation. Does PBU accept donations of gently used or new winter outerwear?

Project Bundle-Up only accepts monetary donations but the Salvation Army will take donations of gently used or new outerwear. To find the Salvation Army nearest you, go to and enter your zip code. Call the Salvation Army, ask if they need donations and see when you can drop off your items.

How can I donate to Project Bundle-Up?

You can sending a check made payable to “Project Bundle-Up” and send it to:

The Salvation Army of Western PA

Attn: Project Bundle-Up

700 North Bell Avenue

Carnegie, PA 15106

You can also make a credit card donation online by clicking this link and completing our website donation form.

I can’t donate money to PBU but what else can I do to help? Can I volunteer?

Project Bundle-Up uses corporate volunteers to take children on company-sponsored shopping trips but local Salvation Armies coordinate their own shopping trips and might need volunteer shopping helpers. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can find a list of all Salvation Armies in Western PA here:

Project Bundle-Up also accepts new items and gift cards for the Project Bundle-Up Online Auction which takes place every March. If you’d like to donate an item or have questions about the auction, please call us at 412-446-1640.