Bounce for Bundle-Up – A Bounce for Bundle-Up event generally takes place during gym class, recess, or as an after school / extra-curricular activity and is ideal for students in elementary and middle school. During a three-minute time span (this can be broken down into 3 one-minute cycles, students bounce a basketball and pledge an amount for each “bounce” completed. For example, Mike completes 300 bounces at $0.05 pledge per “bounce”- he will make a $15.00 donation to Project Bundle-Up. Depending on the number of “bounces” the student completes, determines how much money they fundraise for Project Bundle-Up. Students will then ask family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor them and make a donation. Sponsors can also give a flat donation rather than a per bounce donation if they prefer.

Baskets for Bundle-Up – Similar to our Bounce for Bundle-Up event, this fundraising program is ideal for upper elementary, middle and high school students. The goal is to complete as many basketball basket throws as possible in a one-minute interval (schools can decide how many minutes/intervals they would like to have students complete their throws. Like the Bounce program, donations can be collected per basket or a flat rate donation can be accepted.

Dress Down for Bundle-Up – One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways you can help us is to coordinate a Dress Down Day at your school. If your students do not wear uniforms, please feel free to modify your Dress Down for Bundle-Up to a “Hats on Day”, “PJ Day” or “Pittsburgh Sports Team Day”or something else that would be fun to wear to school. Project Bundle-Up has PDF files to help organize your event and provide everything you need to make it a great success!

Hang a Coat in our School Campaign – These adorable coat cut-outs can be sold at a suggested minimum donation of $1 at school spirit days, sporting events or school concerts and performances. If you would like you can list the names of those that buy the “coats” in your school newsletter or website. Project Bundle-Up has created an electronic version that can be easily printed and copied.

For the Hang a Coat In Our School Campaign coat cut-out, please click here: 

The fundraising possibilities for WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up are endless!

These are just a few examples your school could fundraise for our program. Some schools or school districts have coordinated bake sales, coin collections and “Target The Teacher / Principal Days”. Whatever fundraiser you choose, know that every dollar helps to keep local children, maybe even students in your school, warm this winter!

And if you have other fun and innovative ways to raise funds for Project Bundle-Up, please use them and share them with us too.

We would love to hear your ideas!

If you would like to schedule a fundraising event or have questions and ideas, please contact:
Erin Ehrlich, WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up Coordinator

Phone: 412-446-1638