WTAE-TV project Bundle-Up has teamed up with The Pittsburgh Monster Pumpkin Festival to raise funds that will provide new winter coats, hats, scarves, mittens and boots to thousands of underprivileged children and senior citizens annually in Western Pennsylvania – with one gigantic splash of a promotion!

Here’s How it Works

On the Great Lawn at the North Shore Riverwalk, we fill a 12′ diameter, 3′ deep inflatable pool with water and numbered ping pong balls. A $10 donation gets you ONE ball in the pool and ONE chance at winning. At the end of the day Saturday, we release the pumpkin into the pool. The prodigious plunge wildly disperses the balls. The ball traveling farthest from the pool gets the goods so get your gourd face on and into the game!

How To Enter

Purchase entries below with a $10 donation to WTAE-TV project Bundle-Up here.

More Info

Drop Time: 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 20th

You may attend the drop and purchase entries in person at the event starting at 10:00 AM


  • Two Lower Bowl Penguins Tickets (Date TBA)
  • $100 Gift Certificate to Sienna Mercato
  • 55″ TCL 6-Series Roku TV to watch your favorite Pittsburgh sports teams!

WTAE-TV project Bundle-Up will contact the winner after the event. YOU NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN!

**The Pumpkin Drop will be conducted by the Salvation Army and WTAE is not responsible for the administration of the contest**







Great Pumpkin Paddle – Saturday, October 20th

Races starting at 10:30AM


Canoe down the Allegheny River in a hollowed out nearly 2,000 pound pumpkin. It’s a ton of fun, literally! Our GREAT PUMPKIN PADDLE puts people inside one of these massive fruits in one wild, wacky, and definitely wet race. The race happens Saturday only, October 20th, in a regatta like none other. Come join us and possibly have a chance to race.

Watch’em Row!

That’s right…Pittsburgh’s newest event features one of the most wacky rowing races ever—MONSTER PUMPKINS. Giant Pumpkins are a real phenomenon!…and the DILL’S  ATLANTIC GIANT is the biggest of the breed. The record size is well over 2000 pounds!

Hollowed out, these ginormous gourds can hold a paddler and are exceptional “floaters” used in races and regattas worldwide! Combined with other entertaining spectacles and you have one of the most lively and easily “largest” events ever to grace the Golden Triangle! These enormous fruits are the product of months of expert growing techniques, years of seed cultivating, and the fiery passion of a limited but highly dedicated group of growers destined to break the world giant pumpkin weight record year after year.

Mark your calendar now, Saturday Oct. 20, for the “Greatest Growth on Earth” pumpkins so big, so heavy and so fascinating to the human eye that you can’t help but marvel at this miracle of Mother Nature.

And when they are plopped into the Allegheny River for racing…now that’s just something everyone, at every age has to experience.