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Joe DeNardo

WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up was created in 1986 by former WTAE-TV General Manager Fred Barber, the late Chief Meteorologist Joe DeNardo, and Salvation Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Watson. Project Bundle-Up is a joint venture of WTAE-TV and The Salvation Army of Western Pennsylvania.

Initiated in 1986, WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up is a joint community service effort of The Salvation Army and WTAE-TV. This program provides new winter coats, hats, scarves, mittens and boots for children and senior citizens from low income households throughout Western Pennsylvania.

WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up serves disadvantaged children ranging from infants to 18 years old and senior citizens 62+ years old. Eligibility is based on financial need – the application process examines a family’s monthly income, bills, number of children and employment status. 

It’s much more than just keeping warm … through shopping with an adult mentor who takes the time to listen, and having something besides a hand-me-down coat to wear to school, kids’ self-esteem grows by leaps and bounds, giving them the confidence to excel in the classroom.

WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up Through the Years